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Stormweapon Defense Systems LLC is a privately held entity developing technology to prevent natural disasters such as hurricanes and typhoons. If you reached us looking for help, please follow the links at the top of this page for the organization you are looking for, if you are specifically looking for claim information for disaster 4339, we have provided a link to that, as well.

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Stormweapon Defense Systems LLC

Between a persisting "el nino" to discourage storm activity and elevated oceanic temperatures to encourage it, the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane season has divulged very little in regards to what we can expect, aside from the fact that it has begun quite early with Tropical Storm Andrea forming and dissipating weeks before the official June, 1st start date. This marks the fifth consecutive year of early named storms and has now established as par for the course. We can continue to expect the Atlantic hurricane season to arrive earlier and stay later moving forward. However ominous, we here at StormWeapon Defense Systems LLC are endeavoring to make a dramatic difference for all those affected by these devastating storms.

Dr. Robert E. Champion


What is project S.I.A.D. ?

Project S.I.A.D., (Storm Interception and Destruction), is a process whereby the formation of a tropical storm is interrupted by facilitating a detonation process which obstruct the elements necessary to the storm’s continued growth.

We intend to launch the S.I.A.D. Device into the eye-wall of a Category 1 or weaker tropical storm when forecasted to gain strength and pose a threat to us. The ensuing detonation processes would instantaneously disrupt the energy currents prevalent in the feeding and growth of these storms. By instant disorganization of the vertical draft currents and temperature inversions created by the fuel agents employed, the storm’s essential energy flows are disrupted and the storm begins to break apart. The storm’s potential for reformation and reorganization is low. Rather than allowing another catastrophic hurricane in process such as a Harvey, Irma, Sandy, Katrina, Rita, or other devastating examples throughout our past, Project S.I.A.D. mitigates the possibility of lost lives, obliterated homes and businesses, inland flooding, and the erosion of our beautiful coast lines and beaches.


Planetary Climate Changes are only going to intensify these future storms, and the destruction of our way of life when hit by these monsters can be absolutely assured if we delay our science any longer. In recent years, we are seeing category 4 and 5 hurricanes as the norm where they were once the exception to the rule; we will eventually see the “Hypercane”, category storms that will range from a category 6 and beyond! Those will leave nothing left after their routes of destruction. Our Earth has experienced its hottest temperatures ever recorded and it’s going to intensify in heat as time goes on. The heating-up of our oceans’ temperatures will provide the necessary fuel that these “Hypercanes” will need to form and destroy us. Each year, the hurricane season lengthens. The arbitrary calendar dates have nothing to do with what actually happens. The length of the season is determined by how soon the water temperatures rise, and how long it takes to cool down. This process takes longer with each passing year and in consideration of this, each hurricane season has the potential to produce not only deadlier storms, but many more of them.

Between both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the 2018 Hurricane Season has, thus far, produced 11 major hurricanes claiming over 150 lives and costing an estimated $46 Billion USD in damages. Just one year prior hurricanes laid claim to nearly $300 Billion in damages and over 3,300 deaths. We are unable to sustain these losses each year in the midst of hurricane seasons that are starting earlier and ending later. We must face the fact that hurricane prevention is the only solution.

The protection aspect provided by Project S.I.A.D. represents only a fraction of the overall benefit of our project. When we consider the disastrous socioeconomic effects of what we lose to these storms, including the loss of life and family heritage erased from one moment to the next, the importance of this project becomes abundantly clear.

Want to help?

Our organization seeks exposure; we need our voice to be heard. In order to gain the momentum and financial backing this project needs to progress, it is up to all of us who have been affected either directly or indirectly to step forward and help spread our cause.

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