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Stormweapon Defense Systems LLC. is a privately held entity developing technology to prevent natural disasters such as hurricanes and typhoons. If you reached us looking for help, please follow the links at the top of this page for the organization you are looking for, if you are specifically looking for claim information for disaster 4339, we have provided a link to that, as well.

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Stormweapon Defense Systems LLC

Between a persisting "el nino" to discourage storm activity and elevated oceanic temperatures to encourage it, the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane season has divulged very little in regards to what we can expect, aside from the fact that it has begun quite early with Tropical Storm Andrea forming and dissipating weeks before the official June, 1st start date. This marks the fifth consecutive year of early named storms and has now established as par for the course. We can continue to expect the Atlantic hurricane season to arrive earlier and stay later moving forward. However ominous, we here at StormWeapon Defense Systems LLC are endeavoring to make a dramatic difference for all those affected by these devastating storms.

Dr. Robert E. Champion


How It Works

The U.S. Government made attempts to weaken four storms from 1962 to 1983. Project “Stormfury,” was an effort to disrupt a hurricane through methods of “cloud seeding” with “silver iodide crystals” however, attacking the storms at such high energy levels proved to be ineffective. In spite of devoting over $1 Billion Dollars in total cost to the project, it was discovered that all the energies in the world could not effectively obliterate a major storm in the strength categories of 3, 4, and 5. Mother Nature is simply unyielding at this point. These efforts begged the question that went unanswered: “Why not attack them when they’re young?”

Project S.I.A.D. is an anti-hurricane weapon system designed to identify, track, intercept, and destroy a category 1 or weaker storm with the potential to evolve into a potentially catastrophic hurricane. S.I.A.D. is the culmination of over 15 years of applied research in the field of anti-hurricane weaponology. We theorize that with our improvements over the cloud-seeding methods employed by the U.S. over 35 years ago combined with the advancements in storm detection and analysis; we will be able to properly time a successful attack on a developing storm. But the key is determining which developing storms are of a severe threat to us. From a central control center located in South Texas, hurricane data is constantly updated from satellite links with NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the NHC, the National Hurricane Center. This storm tracking data is monitored and analyzed continually for evidence of the identifying characteristics associated with another “Katrina” or “Harvey” in the early formation.

S.I.A.D. Attack Drones

If all indications are that the growing storm may potentially harm us, ‘Condition Red’ is activated. At this point all relative systems associated with the launching of the UAV’s from their Remote Launch Site are engaged and on standby. The launch vehicles we intend to use, referred to as the S.I.A.D. Attack Drones, are modified versions of some of the most advanced military drones available. Our organization has been working with the world’s foremost authorities on UAV technology regarding the details of a drone specifically tailored for our purposes. The proposed solution may have a top speed of .72 Mach, a 3,000 nautical mile range, and a weight capacity of 6,000 pounds. This will allow us to quickly intervene and deploy our S.I.A.D.device within the small window of opportunity we are afforded to neutralize a potential life-threatening hurricane.

Deployment and recovery

Upon deploying the S.I.A.D. Devices from the drones, they are Precision-Laser-Guided into the hurricane wall at 120-degree vectors. Once in position, the primary and secondary detonation processes occur once the drones have retreated a safe distance and are on their way back to their original launch points.

Nano-fuel technology and the environment

Our research is in the final steps of determining the most efficient mixture of Nano-fuel agents to facilitate the required interactions within the atmosphere at post detonation. The fuel agents we employ will act as atmospheric oxidizers and must produce a pressure wave and temperature inversion within the eye wall in order to successfully dissipate a developing storm. We have sufficient evidence to determine that there would be no harmful residual effects to our atmosphere or oceans due to the fact that the chemical structure of our fuel agents is non-toxic and already found in our atmosphere. Our atmosphere is comprised of approximately 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, and 0.9% Argon with trace gasses like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides, and others comprising about one tenth of a percent. The S.I.A.D. process will produce an extreme heat element, a powerful pressure wave, and a drastic temperature inversion in order to destroy the storm, but the formula will not have the potential to disrupt the atmospheric chemical ratios or introduce toxic residues to our environment.

The advanced technology...

There are many devices that will need to be built and integrated. However, these devices are based on existing technology. Stormweapon Defense Systems is in collaboration with inventors, manufacturers, researchers and data scientists to put together all the parts necessary to construct the device necessary to intercept and destroy hurricanes and typhoons. While there is still some research that needs to be completed, we have all we need to begin building major proprietary components for Project S.I.A.D.

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