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Stormweapon Defense Systems LLC is a privately held entity developing technology to prevent natural disasters such as hurricanes and typhoons. If you reached us looking for help, please follow the links at the top of this page for the organization you are looking for, if you are specifically looking for claim information for disaster 4339, we have provided a link to that, as well.
Stormweapon Defense Systems LLC

We are grateful to announce that the hurricane season is officially over. 2018 brought us yet another devastatingly destructive hurricane season with nearly 200 deaths and $34 Billion in damages between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Our hearts go out to all those whose lives were affected this year and we pledge to you our continued efforts in eliminating these threats once and for all. We thank you for following our cause and invite you to learn more about Project S.I.A.D. and what Stormweapon Defense Systems, LLC aim to accomplish.


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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - a division of U.S. Department of Commerce, provide real-time satelite imagery and data used on this site. We update frequently the image shown here and link directly to through it.
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